Unexpected And Surprising Benefits Of Receiving Regular Facials

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For many people, getting a facial is an indulgence and a chance to get a little me time while improving their appearance. However, you might not realize that besides looking younger and enjoying beautiful, glowing skin, there are other benefits to receiving regular facials. Here are a few of the surprising and amazing benefits of receiving regular facials. 

Helps Relieve Stress

Let's face it: life is stressful. If you have tried several methods to relieve stress and find peace, you might be overlooking a great stress reliever that can also rejuvenate your skin and make you look years younger, regular facials. While you are receiving a facial massage, talking to your esthetician, and sitting in a calm environment, you will notice your troubles melt away.

Having regular facials is not only relaxing while you are enjoying this luxurious treatment, but it also gives you something to look forward to. If you are having a particularly stressful day, you can also visit your local healthcare clinic and enjoy a relaxing facial.

Helps Reduce Sinus Pain and Congestion

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or even have a cold, you want to do anything you can to find relief from the discomfort and downright annoyance of sinus pressure and congestion. Instead of taking OTC medications, schedule a facial. While your face is being massaged, the action of rubbing your cheeks can help break up mucus and reduce pain and swelling.

You can ask your esthetician to work a mint or lavender-based product into the skin, which can also soothe your sinuses and help you breathe a little easier.

Evens Out Your Skin Tone

As you age, there are several unavoidable things that occur to your skin, especially the skin on your face. The combination of sun exposure, loss of elasticity, and gravity leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. You already know that facials can help rejuvenate your skin and improve elasticity. However, did you know that if you have uneven skin tone or dark patches or spots on your skin, regular facials can reduce the appearance of this unwanted sign of aging?

If you are concerned with dark spots and dark patches, ask your esthetician about the benefits of vitamin C. Adding vitamin C treatment to your facial, and purchasing a vitamin C serum or cream to use at home, can help you reduce fine lines and dark spots.

From stress relief to helping reduce sinus congestion and pressure, there are several unexpected benefits to receiving regular facials. 

Reach out to a local facial services provider to learn more.