Which Type Of Dentures Should You Choose?

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Whenever you miss one or several teeth, the dental expert may recommend that you get dentures. This restorative treatment will restore the function and general appearance of the oral system. 

Before you show up for your denture services appointment, it's crucial to learn the different types of false teeth. This way, you'll know what suits you best. Here is a simple guide to help you learn the available options and what may work for you.

Partial Dentures

Whenever one needs to replace some of their teeth without interfering with the other natural teeth, the dental expert will recommend partial false teeth. Currently, they come in two forms—fixed and removable. Those that can be removed are clipped onto the natural teeth close by and unclipped once one gets home. 

They should be stored in a glass of clean water or denture cleaning solution to keep them moist whenever they aren't in use. This will ensure they don't dry out. The fixed partial false teeth are linked to the permanent teeth on both sides, so only a dentist can take them out. You'll have to maintain the dental system to keep the natural and artificial teeth clean.

Immediate Dentures

Patients get these complete dentures from their dentist immediately when the need arises. They are worn on the same day when the teeth are removed. These are temporary, so patients only wear them for a while before they get the customized ones made.

Complete Dentures

This type of denture is designed to replace all teeth on the bottom and top parts of the mouth. Complete dentures rest on the gums since all the natural teeth they could be anchored on are covered. Full dentures are often used to replace the immediate dentures a few months after the first appointment. Patients can remove these artificial teeth and sanitize them each night.

Economy Dentures

If you require false teeth but your budget is limited, you may opt to get economy dentures. These aren't tailor-made to fit perfectly in the patient's mouth, so sometimes, they can be slightly uncomfortable. They also don't look as accurate as ordinary teeth but will serve their purpose if you want to enjoy the benefits of dentures.

Tailor-Made Dentures

Those who don't mind investing in their smiles to boost their appearance or self-esteem should go for custom dentures. Although they are more costly, you'll get something that resembles natural teeth. Also, they fit perfectly into the mouth, so you won't feel uncomfortable wearing them.

To learn more, contact a dentist in your area.