Advantages Of Having A Family Dentist

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Dentists usually advise their patients to maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular checkups. People often neglect their oral health and focus on their body health. Good oral practices include brushing teeth regularly, avoiding sugary foods, avoiding harmful practices such as smoking, and visiting a dentist for routine checkups. Parents should educate their children on good dental practices to ensure they develop good teeth. Children who grow up without good dental practices often have multiple dental issues, such as gingivitis and cavities. Thus, parents should consider retaining a family dentist to conveniently administer dental care to the whole family. This ensures every family member has good oral hygiene. Below are a few advantages of having a family dentist.

It Is Convenient 

Having a family dentist is convenient because it is easy to schedule an appointment. You can choose a specific day for the dentist to treat the whole family. This reduces the hassle of booking different dentist appointments for different family members. It is also convenient because it eases the burden and cost of traveling to the dentist's office. Having a family dentist means that the dentist can check the entire family's oral health in one visit. 

Has Access to the Family's Dental History

Usually, doctors need the patient's medical history to understand their illness. They assess the patient's previous treatments, allergies, and other sensitive information that might be crucial to the treatment. This analogy is also applicable to dentists. They must assess the patients' previous dental issues and procedures. A family dentist serves an entire family over a long period, giving them access to their patients' dental records. Additionally, they have access to other family members' records, allowing them to determine if their client has a genetic dental problem. Thus, family dentists can easily diagnose their patients compared to other dentists, especially if they require emergency surgery. Having access to the family's dental history makes it easy for the family dentist to identify any prevailing problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment. 

It Builds a Trusting Relationship

Patients prefer receiving treatment from familiar doctors because they trust them. This is important when treating children. Patients are more forthcoming and open with doctors that they have formed lasting relationships with. It is easy to build a relationship with a family dentist because they are in charge of the family's dental treatment. Having such a relationship leads to good oral health because you feel comfortable discussing all dental issues with your family dentist.