3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Get Veneers

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A veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain that is attached to the top of your permanent tooth. The main purpose of a veneer is to hide the appearance of your teeth. You may want to do this because your teeth are off-colored, or because of the shape and positioning of your teeth.  

1. Make Sure You Go to a Professional 

Getting veneers may be seen as an aesthetic procedure; however, it is also an important dental procedure as well. You don't want just anyone to handle this procedure. You need to work with a cosmetic dentist. Veneers are both a medical procedure and an art form, so you are going to want to ask for examples of their work before agreeing to have a particular cosmetic dentist apply the veneers for you. You want to make sure you like the cosmetic dentist's style, as once your veneers come on, it is not easy to take them off. 

2. Different Styles for Different People 

Next, keep in mind that one veneer style may not be the best for everyone. Different veneer styles are going to look better on different people. You want veneers that are going to look good on your face and fit with your overall face shape and style. You want to work with a cosmetic dentist who will customize the appearance of your veneers so that they fit your face and your personality. Your smile is a big part of who you are, so you want to make sure your smile fits who you are. 

3. You Don't Need Veneers on All Your Teeth 

Although it is common to get veneers on all your teeth that you can see when you smile or open your mouth. However, you don't have to get veneers put on all of your teeth. You can get veneers put on just a few of your front teeth. A good cosmetic dentist can put veneers on just your front teeth if that is what you want. The entire point if for the veneers to work with for you.  

If you want to get veneers, you need to find a cosmetic dentist whose style you like. You need to work with them to come up with a custom appearance that fits your mouth and your personality. Veneers are made to last, so you want to choose a style that really works for you and a cosmetic dentist who is willing to work with you.