How Can You Pay For Dental Implants?

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If your teeth need to be replaced, dental implants may be an option to consider. Dental implants are great for those who have many teeth missing or damaged since they are strong and do not require replacement. However, the procedure is costly and is not covered by many dental insurance plans. You have to prepare yourself financially. The following are some things to keep in mind about paying for dental implants:

Will Insurance Cover Part of Dental Implants?

Many dental implant procedures are considered a cosmetic procedure, which are not generally covered with dental insurance. You may be able to have some of the pre-op needs covered, including x-rays or lab work. If your policy includes orthodontic coverage, you should look to see if dental implants are included on your policy. Otherwise, you will likely have to pay for the implants primarily out-of-pocket.

However, if you need implants due to the result of a traumatic car accident or other injury, your medical insurance might cover a part or all of the implants.

Are There Different Ways to Pay for Dental Implants?

If you want dental implants, or if you anticipate wanting them at some point, the easiest thing to do is dedicate a savings account for your orthodontic care. You can also fund your flex spending account through your insurance, but make sure you can use those funds for orthodontics before you go that route.

When you develop a savings plan, be sure to call different implant providers to see how much the treatment will cost. Use the highest quote you receive and use it as your goal for saving. Then you can have the money directly deducted from your pay each week into your account.

If you need dental implants immediately, you can have a few teeth, or even one tooth, done at a time. Each implant has a different cost, based on which tooth you are having worked on.

If you have the option, you should look into adding a premium dental plan to your coverage. These plans are expensive, but will be helpful if many people in your family will need a lot of orthodontic work.

While dental implants are expensive, you can afford them with proper planning. You first need to check with your desired provider to see what, if any, coverage you will receive with your coverage. You should also look at different payment plans offered by orthodontists.