Are Dental Veneers Painful?

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In the world today, people put a lot of importance on aesthetics. Therefore, it's only natural that most people will want to have a beautiful set of teeth to show the world every time they smile. However, not everybody has a bright white smile to show the world. This could be for many reasons, including taking certain medications.

Tooth whitening has its limits, but the introduction of veneers to the masses has provided people with an alternative that's even more reliable. However, there is still the question of how uncomfortable the procedure might be; a major concern for many patients.

The Procedure

A veneer is simply a cover for a tooth that's made out of a material like porcelain. The veneer can be used to cover a tooth that's heavily stained, cracked, or broken. They can also be used on crooked teeth to provide a more even smile.

For the veneer to be attached, the top layer of the actual tooth may have to be removed. This means that the teeth will have to be filed down. Although this process can be uncomfortable, the area near the tooth is first numbed before the procedure.

After the Procedure

As with many dental operations, once the numbness wears off after a procedure, the area where the procedure was done may feel a bit sore. The dentist normally prescribes drugs such as ibuprofen to help manage this discomfort.

As a patient, you should expect that your tooth will be a little sensitive for some days following the procedure. This means you may experience some discomfort if the tooth is exposed to something very hot or very cold. However, this sensitivity eventually fades away. Before long, your veneers will start to feel more like your regular teeth.

Managing Discomfort after Getting Veneers

Because every patient is unique, it's natural to expect that some will feel a little more sensitive than others after the dental veneers have been put it. This sensitivity goes away with time, but you can also manage this discomfort in a number of ways including:

  • Take any medication that was prescribed by the dentist and be sure that you take the medication as prescribed

  • Avoid food and drinks that are either very hot or very cold in the week after the procedure

  • Steer clear of any foods that are very hard such as nuts and hard sweets

At the end of the day, the level of discomfort from getting dental veneers is usually minimal. For more information, contact a local clinic like Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC