3 Tips For Reducing Discomfort When Having Your Teeth Cleaned At The Dentist's Office

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Even though brushing your teeth and otherwise taking care of them at home is very important, having professional cleanings done at a dentist's office is also essential. If you had a bad experience last time that you had it done or if you haven't had it done in a while and are nervous, then you could be concerned about whether or not it's going to be uncomfortable. A few tips that can help you reduce discomfort when having your teeth cleaned at the dentist's office have been outlined here, and your dentist might be able to give you some helpful tips about this, too.

1. Go More Often

For one thing, if you avoid going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned because you're concerned about discomfort, it's probably only going to make things worse. If you go as regularly as you're supposed to, then the process will typically be much faster and easier, and it probably will not be as uncomfortable. If you wait a long time in between cleanings, then you might have to have a deep cleaning, which is more involved and often more uncomfortable. Additionally, making sure that you take good care of your teeth at home in between cleanings will also help with this.

In addition to experiencing less discomfort and being able to get in and out of the office more quickly by going in for more frequent cleanings, you may save money by going more often, too. Many dental offices do charge more for deep cleanings than they do for standard cleanings, for example.

2. Ask to Have Your Mouth Numbed

If you need to have a deep cleaning, your dentist might suggest that you have your mouth numbed for the procedure. If this is not mentioned and if you want to help make sure that you don't feel any pain during your appointment, consider asking your dentist about being numbed.

3. Communicate with Your Hygienist

When your hygienist is cleaning your teeth, he or she might not be able to tell if you are uncomfortable if you don't make it clear. If something hurts, then let your hygienist know. Good dental hygienists do what they can to help keep their patients comfortable.

In general, having your teeth cleaned should not be a painful procedure. However, from time to time, it can be uncomfortable. You can help reduce discomfort next time that you head to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned by following the tips above.