Understanding Why You'll Always Wear Your Last Set Of Invisible Braces

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When you wear invisible braces, you can look ahead to when your last set will arrive. This last set will be the final adjustment that you'll ever need, and yet you'll probably be wearing that last set every single day from now on. If you're wondering why, read on to discover why this is and why it's actually a good thing.

Prevents Shifting Teeth

The reality of straightening teeth is that teeth can shift back to the wrong position once the treatment is complete. This is often a problem when people finish wearing standard braces, so a retainer is assigned to these patients once their braces are taken off.

Your last set of invisible braces are the final set and a retainer in one. Since it's the last shape that your orthodontist wanted you to have for your teeth, it does an excellent job of making sure that your teeth stay that way. Wearing it at night on a daily basis will prevent your teeth from moving out of alignment and undoing all your hard work.

Protects From Damage

Tooth grinding is a serious problem. It can cause long-term damage to your teeth, gums, and even cause bony growths. Thankfully, your final set of invisible braces will help to protect all of these problems from happening to you.

Some people who grind their teeth do so during the day, but most do so at night. This is because you're not consciously aware of what you're doing while you're sleeping. With your teeth encased by the last set of your invisible braces, you won't be able to cause any damage to your teeth at night.

What To Expect

Whether you just got your last set of invisble braces or it's still somewhere off in the future, here's what you can expect from the experience.

Once you receive the last set, you'll be expected to wear it all day and night just like every other set of invisible braces you've had up until now. Once you've worn it for a set amount of time chosen by your orthodontist, you'll come back in for an examination. If your orthodontist confirms that your teeth have finished moving into the position they need to be in, you'll be done with your adjustments.

From there, you'll take your invisible braces home. For most people, you'll only have to wear them at night. This means you can eat whatever you want during the day without having to excuse yourself to remove it. Your dentist may choose a date for you to have your last set replaced with a duplicate since it will experience some wear and tear after being used for many months.

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