Why See An Emergency Dentist

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It's always wise to visit a dentist when your teeth are not feeling right. While most problems can be inspected during the normal business day with a scheduled appointment, other problems require a trip to an emergency dentist. This is like going to the ER, but to treat a problem with your teeth or gums rather than another health concern. Does your dental problem really require emergency help? Consider visiting an emergency dentist in these situations.

Lost Filling

You may think your dental filling is permanent, but it can potentially fall out of your tooth over time. Lost fillings are a good reason to get immediate help. Not only is the filling supposed to protect a tooth that is damaged, but the filling most likely came out from decay eating the parts of the tooth that surrounding the filling. The tooth is no longer protected without the filling and can start causing you a lot of pain.

A trip to an emergency dentist will prevent the tooth from becoming further damaged, and help make any associated pain go away by cleaning and filling the tooth again.

Bad Toothache

Do you have a tooth that has suddenly started throbbing and is in a lot of pain? You not only need to have the tooth looked at immediately, but you may need a prescription to help the pain go away. An emergency dentist can help you with both of these things.

The benefit of visiting an emergency dentist is that they can take an x-ray to find out what is happening inside the tooth. They'll be able to see what sort of decay or infection is there, and provide you with a plan to fix the problem.

Loose Crown

Dental crowns will be an important part of certain dental procedures. For instance, it can give a tooth additional strength after having a root canal where the interior of the tooth is now hollow. Do not put off fixing a crown that has come off your tooth, since your tooth will immediately become significantly weakened with a risk of the tooth cracking.

Have an emergency dentist reattach your crown so that your tooth has the strength it needs to prevent damage from occurring.

Chipped Tooth

Chipping your tooth will be painful, but it is something that can be fixed. The key to repairing a chipped tooth is making sure that the chipped part does not dry out, so put it into a small container with milk until you can have the chipped tooth looked at. It's possible to bond the tooth back together so it looks seamless.

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