Can Flossing Help Eliminate Bad Breath?

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There are a lot of different things you can do each day to keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh, and one activity is flossing. If you do not currently floss each day and you suffer from bad breath, you may want to start making time for this every single day. Flossing can not only help you keep your teeth clean, but it can also help you have fresher breath.

The purpose of flossing

People who suffer from bad breath and do not floss do not realize that this might be the key to obtaining fresher breath. Floss is something that is designed to clean areas of your mouth that your toothbrush cannot reach, and this primarily includes the areas between the teeth in your mouth. As you floss, you will clean out food debris and bacteria that are trapped in these areas, but that is not all. Each time you floss, you are actually cleaning your gum lines too. Your gum lines and areas in between your teeth are a great place for bacteria to hide and live; however, if they stay there too long, you can develop cavities and even gum disease.

How it helps freshen your breath

Taking time to floss each day will help you have fresher breath, simply because it will eliminate a lot of the sources that cause bad breath. If you clean your mouth well each day, it will have fewer bacteria in it. Because it is the bacteria that causes bad breath, you should naturally see an improvement in your breath if you start flossing each day. In addition, you will be protecting your mouth against cavities and gum disease.

Options with floss

Some people do not floss because they do not understand how important it is, but others do not floss because it can be tricky. If you have a hard time using regular floss, you may want to try an alternative option. For example, you could try a floss holder, which is a tool that makes flossing a little easier. Another option is to purchase a water flosser, which is a device that cleans teeth with pressurized water.

Flossing your teeth is something that is very important if you want healthy teeth, and it is also helpful for eliminating bad breath. If you would like to learn more ways to freshen your breath, talk to a family dentist today.