Options For Treating A Gummy Smile

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When you smile, do you dislike that you can see a lot of your gums instead of just seeing your teeth? If so, you might have a condition that dentists often call a "gummy smile." A lot of people have this problem with their smiles, but it is something that dentists can fix. Here are several things you should know about gummy smiles and the options dentists have to fix them.

Examination and Diagnosis

Before a dentist can offer treatment options for your gummy smile, he or she will need to examine your mouth to determine what is causing this problem for you. There are several different causes of gummy smiles and diagnosing the cause is an important step in fixing the problem.

One cause of gummy smiles has nothing to do with a person's teeth. Instead, it is the result of a person having a high lip line. If your lip goes up higher when you smile than the average person's lip, this could be the cause of your gummy smile. Gummy smiles can also be the result of problems with tooth eruption. If your teeth erupt abnormally, they can affect the gum lines around them. This can leave teeth too far exposed instead of being covered up by the gums.

Your dentist will carefully examine your lip positioning, the size of your teeth, and the condition of your gums when diagnosing the problem. All of these factors can help your dentist know what is causing the problem and how to treat it.

Treatment Options

The treatment option your dentist recommends will depend on the cause of your gummy smile, but one of the most common ways to treat gummy smiles is through gum contouring. Gum contouring is a process that allows dentists to remove some of the gums that are covering up the teeth. This is accomplished through a scalpel. By doing this, more tooth is exposed, and this eliminates the gummy smile.

Another way to fix this problem is with a laser. A laser can also remove parts of the gums with energy and light instead of with a scalpel. Additionally, dentists can fix the problem by repositioning a person's lips if the person's lips are too high or low. There are also times when people need braces to help reduce the gummy smile appearance.

If you are tired of your gummy smile, you can change this. To learn more about gummy smile treatment options, contact a cosmetic dentist today.