Hybrid Dentures: An Introduction For Curious Patients

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Losing your teeth means you lose your smile, which can be a disheartening situation to be in for sure. Thankfully, advances in dentistry over the last several decades have brought about many new options beyond just the basic dentures for those with missing teeth. One modern option is hybrid dentures. If hybrid dentures are a new idea for you, you are bound to have a few questions and concerns. Take a quick look at some of the most commonly asked questions about hybrid dentures so you can determine if they would be a good option for you. 

What exactly are hybrid dentures?

Hybrid dentures combine the idea of prosthetic teeth like dentures with fixed implants that keep the dentures firmly held in place. For this form of dental treatment, a series of anchors will be placed in the gumline that will allow the prosthetic teeth to attach to them for stability once the implants are healed. Hybrid dentures most often include a partial prosthetic gum as well as the teeth, much like traditional dentures. However, the prosthetic gum of the denture is much narrower in design because it is not necessary for holding the teeth in place like it is with traditional dentures. 

Is everyone a good candidate for hybrid dentures?

Just about any patient of any age could potentially be a candidate for hybrid dentures. As long as you have a generally healthy mouth, hybrid dentures will likely work for you. A few situations when hybrid dentures will not be recommended include:

  • if there are not sufficient levels of bone in the gumline to hold the anchors in place
  • if you are prone to periodontal disease
  • if you have illnesses and diseases that will prevent the implants from healing in place

If you believe you would be a good candidate for hybrid dentures, be sure to talk to your dentist for a full mouth assessment. 

How long does it take for hybrid dentures to be completed?

Hybrid dentures are a little more complex in design and will require a healing period because the placing of the anchors will be a surgical procedure. In most cases, the implants will be placed first, and your mouth will be allowed to heal for a bit before your dentures are installed on the anchors. However, some dentists use tiny anchoring implants that are installed right in the office, and the dentures can be immediately placed. 

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