3 Vegetarian Friendly Foods That Will Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

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Acids from sugary foods cause your tooth enamel to deteriorate and you lose essential minerals that protect your teeth. Eating foods that contain a high amount of phosphorus, which is the second most plentiful mineral in your body, will protect the enamel on your teeth and replace lost minerals. While on a vegetarian diet, eat the phosphorus-loaded foods below to strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Tofu This food is made from congealed soybean milk and pressed into a block before it’s sold in stores. In addition to eating it straight out of the package, you can use tofu in many ways, such as a substitution for eggs and as a soup-thickening agent. Since there’s an abundance of protein in soy, it’s often eaten as a meat replacement. Other nutrients in tofu include phosphorus, calcium and omega 3. Manufacturers add water to the container to keep the tofu moist and the soy block soaks up the water like a sponge. Before adding it to a recipe, remove as much water as you can. This keeps the tofu block firm and it allows the tofu to absorb the flavors and tastes of the ingredients in the recipe.   Follow the steps below for a simple way to drain the water out of your tofu: Open the carton and pour out the excess liquid. Remove the tofu from the package and place it on a stack of three paper towels. Place three more paper towels on the top of the tofu and press down with the palms of your hands to release as much liquid as you can. Unfold a dish towel and place three dry paper towels on the top of the towel. Place the tofu on top of the paper towels and place three additional paper towels on top of the tofu. Fold the dish towel around the block of tofu until it’s completely covered with the towel. Put a plate on the top of the wrapped up tofu and place a book or unopened vegetable cans on the top of the plate to add weight. Wait one hour, unwrap the tofu and throw away the paper towels. If there is still too much water in the tofu, repeat the process and let the tofu set for another hour. Broccoli In addition to phosphorus, this green vegetable also contains iron, which helps your tooth enamel resist the damaging effects of acids. You’ll get the most benefit out of broccoli if you eat it raw. Boiling this vegetable removes some of its valuable nutrients. Other green veggies that contain phosphorus include spinach, collard greens and kale. Pumpkin Seeds These seeds are a high source of phosphorus and you’ll be strengthening...

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4 Ways To Make Your Autistic Child’s Dental Visits Less Stressful

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If you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, going to the dentist, even for a routine checkup or cleaning, may be a stressful for both you and your child. However, with the proper preparation, you can work with your dentist to create a low-stress environment and get your child ready for a lifetime of proper dental care.  Prepare Your Child  It is important to prepare all children for their dental visits, but while most children may only need a day or two warning, a child with autism spectrum disorder may need a couple of weeks to fully process the fact that they will be going to the dentist. For that reason, you should start reminding your child that they will be going to the dentist two weeks before their appointment. During this time you can show your child videos of dental procedures and talk about the sights and sounds they will experience. You may also practice for their checkup by pretending to complete a dental visit at home.  One of the best ways to prepare your child is to make sure they are comfortable with basic dental hygiene. Make sure that brushing their teeth and flossing are non-traumatic, stress-free experiences that they enjoy.  Find a Pediatric Dentist Experienced With Special Needs Patients  Many parents simply choose to take their child to their dentist. However, dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry are specially trained to set children at ease. For this reason, it is important that you find a pediatric dentist who is experienced treating children with special needs. You should keep in mind that every dentist has a unique approach to their patients, and a dentist who is successful with other special needs children may not always work for you. It is best to speak with several dentists before deciding on one. Once you find out more here and decide on a dentist, it is best to visit them regularly so that your child can build a relationship with them.  Meet With Your Child’s Dentist Ahead of Time  Some dentists will offer to send you photos of their clinic so your child can see where they will be going and who they will be meeting. While this is a good start, you may want to take your child in for a short visit a week before their checkup. This will allow them to see, hear, and smell the environment, and ask questions before they have to sit down and allow the dentist to examine them.  Even if you cannot take your child ahead of time, arrange to meet with the dentist yourself before the appointment. You can discuss whether you will be in the room for the examination...

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